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We are a small in home cattery, TICA registered and proud member of the Savannah Cat Association. We specialise in purebred F3, F4, F5 AND F6 Savannah kittens for sale. We raise our kittens in our home with our Four children and our Two friendly dogs. We are dedicated to the breed and are dedicated to producing only the most beautiful, healthiest and highest quality Savannah kittens possible. We are lovers of this truly unique, intelligent and loyal breed and will always be committed to the overall quality of our kittens! We look forward to pairing you with your new Family Companion.


Our Cattery Goals

Our cattery goal is to produce healthy & eye catching savannah kittens for sale with incomparable markings and well rounded out going personalities. Our focus is improving the overall quality, better type and nicer patterns on our Savannah cats; as we actively participate in TICA cat shows and breed to TICA breed standards. Our cattery proudly follows the TICA Code of Ethics and is also an upstanding member of the Savannah Cat Association Our savannah kittens for sale come well socialized, harness trained, exposed to normal house noises and situations. We strive to breed the very best savannahs with sweet outgoing personalities and we take extra time in evaluating each kitten to ensure they are placed in the appropriate home. We continue to improve the savannah breed by selecting our Queens and Kings carefully and all of our savannah's used in our Breeding Program have been genetically tested for PRA and PK Deficiency and received Negative/Negative as a result. Kittens will be N/N through parentage. We take great pride in the care, health, and social excellence of our kittens and stay true to the cats’ ancestral heritage. Our cattery is proud to have tested negative for the following diseases and parasites: HCM (heart condition), FIV / FeLV (Immunodeficiency / Leukemia), PK-Deficiency (anemia), PRA-b (progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes), Trichomonas (intestinal parasites), Giardia (intestinal parasites), Coccidiosis (intestinal parasites).

Available Savannah Kittens

We look forward to pairing you with your new family member 🐱

Available Savannah Kittens

Frequently Asked Questions

Animals bring some of the greatest joy we can ever imagine. Our purpose is to help spread a little bit of that joy, to each customer we serve at our facility, we believe you don’t just bring home a Savannah cat, you bring home a family member. Feel free to contact us and ask questions, we are always happy to help!

What Food Can I Expect To Feed My Savannah?

When you take your Savannah Cat home, continue the same food regime that the Savannah Cat had before leaving my cattery. All my cats eat Royal Canin kibble and canned food. These kittens must continue to receive the same diet as their nutrition and calorie needs are of utmost importance for their continued growth and health. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change your Savannah Cat’s diet, please do so slowly and mix in the new food with the current food to avoid any stomach upset or GI issues. Savannahs require a combination of foods to support their health and provide energy. We feed our Savannahs high quality dry and wet cat food.

What's Included With Your Kitten?

Purchase Agreement
Health Guarantee
TICA Registration
Kittens Pk Def/PRA N/N
Up to Date on Vaccinations
Up to Date on Deworming
Fecal Tested
Favorite Toy
Litter box trained
​Lifetime support & guidance
Binder with Copy of Purchase Agreement
Parent Pedigrees
Parent Genetic Testing: PRA & PKDEF results N/N
Kittens Vet Record/Testing
Feeding Instructions
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Is a Savannah Cat legal to own in my state of residence?

Please refer to this map of each state’s legality of the Savannah Cat breed. Before placing a deposit or payment for a savannah kitten, it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the lawfulness of both the Savannah Cat breed and generation in their state of residence. If a permit is required for ownership, it is the buyer’s responsibility to complete all requirements to obtain a permit before placing a deposit. Information about laws governing hybrid animal ownership in your state using information from Paige Dana and


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Savannah Cats For Sale

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Savannah Kittens For Sale

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What Our Clients Say About US

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Savannah Kittens For Sale, Savannah Cats For Sale

Savannah Kittens For Sale

We welcomed our F3 girl Mia into our family with so much joy and she has been fantastic. It is easy to see there was a tremendous amount of time and love poured into the care and socialization of our kitten. And the support didn’t stop at delivery. Thanks so much for providing tips and recommendations, our kitten is so affectionate with everyone in the family and is wonderfully playful and cuddly with our dogs too. Truly the best new pet experience I have ever had!

Kathleen B.

Savannah Cats For Sale

Thank you for such a precious creature! Angel is everything we were looking for! She seems quite intelligent, active and friendly. We are all very happy with our new family member. When the airlines handed her to us my daughter just said “Dad, she is soooo beautiful!” Her photos were gorgeous, so imagine what a pleasant surprise it was that she was actually even prettier. She is amazingly affectionate and we have only had her three days! She already sleeps with Jennifer, my 14 year old daughter. All five of us in the family just sit and watch her crazy antics. She is fascinating to play with! Even as a kitten her agility and athleticism are impressive. I have been researching savannahs for quite some time. I have contacted numerous catterys. Some I never heard back from. A few were almost condescending at my ignorant questions. But you were by far the most pleasant to speak with and was very helpful with our cat selection.

Alberto Duran

Savannah Cat Sale
Savannah Cats For Sale