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My name is Shirley Hernandez "SIERRAPRIDE" is a small in home breeder, for 14 years we have had the pleasure of being Savannah Cat owners and breeder. We are TICA registered cattery and proud member of the Savannah Cat Association. We specialise in purebred F3, F4, F5 and F6 Savannah kittens. I have been breeding and raising several types of animals for decades and an animal lover since I was a child. I immediately fell in love with the Savannah cat, and after learning more about the breed I decided to raise these beautiful animals.
We raise our savannah kittens for sale in our home with our Four children and our Two friendly dogs. We are dedicated to the breed and are dedicated to producing only the most beautiful, healthiest and highest quality Savannah kittens possible. We are lovers of this truly unique, intelligent and loyal breed and will always be committed to the overall quality of our kittens!

We bought our first savannah cat 8 years ago, to add to our animal family. We located a breeder online and they helped us to understand more about the savannah cat breed, we were so happy to welcome our F1 savannah Magi furthermore the breeder issued us a contract agreement and Magi was delivered to us along with her belongings, such as food, blanket, cuddly toy, papers etc... We spent alot of time with Magi, she became a huge part of our family. We were amazed how intelligent, and friendly she was. I had never been without a dog or bird, but never anything like this! Magi became our first cat and she brought alot of joy to us. She played and explored around the house, and life went on with Magi, we then decided to get another savannah kitten, as company for her. After that we were all so enamored by these kittens that we never looked back. We now have quite a few, all different, all equally as charming and individual. I look at them sometimes thinking, "It all began with Magi"

Our Cattery Goals

Our cattery goal is to produce healthy & eye catching savannah kittens for sale with incomparable markings and well rounded out going personalities. Our focus is improving the overall quality, better type and nicer patterns on our Savannah cats; as we actively participate in TICA cat shows and breed to TICA breed standards. Our cattery proudly follows the TICA Code of Ethics and is also an upstanding member of the SCA (Savannah Cat Association) Our savannah kittens for sale come well socialized, harness trained, exposed to normal house noises and situations. We strive to breed the very best savannahs with sweet outgoing personalities and we take extra time in evaluating each kitten to ensure they are placed in the appropriate home. We continue to improve the savannah breed by selecting our Queens and Kings carefully and all of our savannah's used in our Breeding Program have been genetically tested for PRA and PK Deficiency and received Negative/Negative as a result. Kittens will be N/N through parentage. We take great pride in the care, health, and social excellence of our kittens and stay true to the cats’ ancestral heritage. Our cattery is proud to have tested negative for the following diseases and parasites: HCM (heart condition), FIV / FeLV (Immunodeficiency / Leukemia), PK-Deficiency (anemia), PRA-b (progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes), Trichomonas (intestinal parasites), Giardia (intestinal parasites), Coccidiosis (intestinal parasites).

Proud Members of
The International Cat Association Inc
The Savannah Cat Association


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